LAR Electronics —
We manufacture commercial audio systems.

Easy to Install, Simple to Operate, Virtually Maintenenace Free. The heart of every LAR system is our integrated audio controller. All the functionality of an entire audio rack is streamlined into a simple-to-use unit that insures consistantly superior sound.

What makes LAR Audio different?

Every LAR Audio System is built around our purpose-designed control module. Completely unique in the industry, our contol module offers a streamlined user interface that is simple to use and functionally indestructible. Designed, manufactured and supported in the U.S.A.

What industries work with LAR?

The LAR Audio System is ideally suited for facilities that require high quality sound with a minimum of operator involvement. Every system is virtually maintenance free and extremely easy to use. Every system is guaranteed to deilver the highest quality sound, most dependable service and fastest return on investment... period.

What our customers are saying

"The LAR systems require no maintenance, keep working year after year and everybody loves them. Now I get compliments instead of complaints." - Scott Case
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